Případové studie / Case studies

Connection to the world.

Customer profile

Garden Food Festival is a regional food festival. It aims to show the quality of local restaurants to the general public. Garden Food Festival takes place in Olomouc, Zlín and Moravian-Silesian regions. The Garden Food Festival supports local producers and farmers, regional food and brands, tourism in the city and the region. It brings new trends in gastronomy, shows interesting concepts and brings great chefs.

Customer request

Every good festival should offer additional services to the main program. Connection to the internet via wi-fi is now becoming a necessity in public spaces. Garden food festival is no exception. The customer’s requirement was to cover the festival with wi-fi connection throughout the festival area. The festival took place in Ostrava city.

„The ability to have a stable Internet connection is now considered a standard at every major event. We are pleased to have selected XEVOS Solutions for this service. They have met our expectations”.

Jitřenka Navrátilová, GFF producer

Our solution

In the beginning of the entire project, we clarified the technical requirements of the customer and the setting of all processes and services. As the festival annually visits thousands of visitors, emphasis has to be placed on quality and connectivity. After analyzing the requirements, finding out the current state of the Internet connection in the given location and consulting the customer, we decided to solve it using our longtime partners device, CISCO MERAKI. We have chosen this solution based on our experience and also because it is built for reliability, ease of administration and increased security.

Customer benefits

Wireless network performance – 802.11n / ac wireless access points support over 100 users per access point. This makes them ideal for high-density environments. Access points with 802.11ac and 802.11n standards have high performance transmitters and improved reception sensitivity. MIMO technology and integrated beamforming maximize capacity without limitation. Powerful processor allows detailed packet control at maximum speed.

Security – In addition to high-performance transmitters that provide services to the 2.4GHz and 5GHz bandwidth, the access points have another security radio frequency that constantly scans the radio band and protects against security threats. It detects the RF environment adapts to interference and automatically configures settings to maximize the performance.

Great network overview – MR Meraki Access Points offer a detailed network overview to ensure usability. Powerful and intuitive management of multiple locations is ensured through cloud management. The complexities and costs that are common to traditional controlled wireless networks are eliminated.