Případové studie / Case studies

IT without worries.

Customer profile

Exact Systems were established in 2004 and is currently the leading supplier of quality control solutions in the field of selection, repair and sorting of parts, components and finished products for the automotive industry. Among the company’s customers are mainly automotive suppliers and suppliers and car manufacturers. Other customers of the company are large-scale enterprises in the electronics industry, the manufacture of household appliances and cosmetics.

Customer request

At Exact Systems, there was only one employee in charge of all IT. This person had to deal with all issues, user support and server and network management. In addition, this employee was of an external nature so the company suffered from low attendance and irreplaceability. Big problem was also the outdated server infrastructure, the low level of security and the functionality of the whole IT. The company began to look for IT Outsourcing and our marketing activities at that time contributed to a joint meeting from which the existing form of cooperation gradually emerged.

,,Outsourcing our IT to the XEVOS Solutions Management enables us to increase growth potential and to fully engage in primary activities.”

Radovan Meleš – Director

Our solution

After meeting with Exact management, we explained the operation and the main advantages of outsourcing. We signed an individual contract that relieved the customer of all concerns. This agreement guarantees the time for solving individual requirements (SLAs) and penalties for non-compliance. At the same time, we have agreed to outsourcing IT for a fixed monthly fee, so the company always knows exactly how much they spend on their solution.

At the beginning of the collaboration, we clarified the setup of all processes and services. Then we started the IT rebuilding to make it work as it should.

  1. We have reestablished a poor network infrastructure – we have replaced outdated technologies at all branches including headquarters for new ones. The next step was to set higher security standards and supervision over normal network traffic.
  2. We have replaced the outdated server infrastructure with a new virtualized infrastructure that reduces operating costs and allows IT services to scale down very inexpensively.
  3. We have set up a new way of backing up data – separating the backup device from the main server and setting regular offsite backups (data are regularly transferred to a geographically remote location where they are located in the vault).
  4. We’ve transferred data to the Cloud – deploying Office 365, replacing obsolete servers and mail services with a fully scalable cloud solution.
  5. We have a specialist on every level of IT (stations, servers, networks …) so one person does not do everything and superficially. All specialists are fully representative.
  6. We have established a surveillance center – we are constantly checking networks and servers, so we know all the problems before the customer.
Customer benefits


  • Cost reduction – the company doesn’t have to pay its own staff and the total operating costs have been reduced.
  • IT Transparency – The company has a complete overview of the specific services used at all times.
  • Office 365 – Employees can work at anytime and anywhere thanks to a highly available service.