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SW Development

We offer software development since 2008. It is part of a comprehensive solution for customers of all segments and sizes.

We develop web, mobile or embedded applications according to customers’ needs and wishes. We also have our own designers and are able to meet your requirements when developing websites or applications. We specialize in production web applications that are customized to bring maximum efficiency to your business.

We can integrate our solutions with existing systems through standard and bespoke interfaces. We have experience in delivering to many industries such as printing, engineering and financial services. We combine our own solutions with existing applications as required. We primarily develop on the Microsoft .NET platform (ASP.NET, WinForms, Asp.Net Core), Python and React.JS.

We are able to collect data (e.g. on production) using mobile apps or embedded terminals. We then process it centrally and can display it in mobile apps or infopanels.

Web Projects

We develop web and mobile applications according to the needs of each customer. We deliver solutions from the initial consultation, through application design, graphic work, coding to connection to other systems. We offer follow-up service of our own products, but we can also easily take over the management of existing projects.

Information Systems

Development of customized information systems according to customer needs. We fundamentally adapt the information system to the customer's processes, not the system's processes. We know that we don’t work in a vacuum, so we always consider connecting to other systems and also provide APIs for further use. We can suitably supplement systems for manufacturing companies with RFID tag or barcode readers, or our own terminals or infopanels for display and collection directly from the production. We have experience in using artificial intelligence to plan and optimize in a way that suggests rather than directs humans.

Corporate Identity

We offer connection of our own solutions to third-party information systems. We respond flexibly to customer needs and can adapt to exotic APIs or connect directly to data sets or SQL data sources.

We have experience with integration into:

– Pohoda, QI, Abra, Soft-4-Sale, K.A.P.

We have experience with API connections:

– Ares, Sreality, Google Maps, ComGate, GoPay

API integration


Solution for displaying data from information systems on screens, especially in production.

Main advantages:

  • Fully customizable appearance
  • Customer-definable data
  • Automatic customer-defined rotation
  • HTML output


Solution for remote working both in the office and in production. Can be run as a Windows or web terminal. Remote administration and monitoring for larger deployments.

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