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  • The app is available now for all business users regardless of size and number of subscription licenses. Subscribe to this standalone, optional add-on to your favorite Microsoft 365 office suite and get ahead of your competition.

All about aplication Copilot for Microsoft 365

The app is available for commercial customers
with the following subscription plans

  • Microsoft 365

  • Office 365

  • Microsoft 365

    Business Standard
  • Microsoft 365

    Business Premium

The order is not bound to the size of the organization, even the smallest companies can use the application.
It is possible to order from one license.*

To make the tool more useful, we recommend making it available to all team members.
This way, you can better take advantage of all its benefits.

4 reasons

why get Copilot
for Microsoft 365

  • get rid of routine tasks that AI can handle
  • save time and energy for creative, developmental and strategic activities
  • increase the efficiency and productivity of the whole team
  • deepen the modern functioning of your company

4 ways

how Copilot for Microsoft 365 can help you

  • Makes communication easier

    Searches emails, sorts mail, drafts text for replies.
  • Extends your informativeness

    Explains the content of the document
    in a few clear sentences
  • Provides you with an overview

    It finds messages from a specific person in emails, chats and comments.
  • Speeds up your creation

    Designs the content of a document, chart or presentation based on a text assignment.

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