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Hardware & Software

We offer a wide range of products with high added value and the possibility of consulting or training tailored to the customer needs. We supply Hardware and Software of all major brands. We are major partner partners: Microsoft, ESET, HP, CISCO, Lenovo, Apple.

Printing Solutions


We are an independent integrator and auditor of printing solutions for small businesses and large organizations where we place high emphasis not only on costs but also on security and the overall document management process. We also offer both comprehensive hardware delivery and rental as part of our services.

Benefits from XEVOS Solutions:

  • pre-sale and after-sales support
  • team of technical specialists
  • discounts at higher rates, free shipping, flexible payment terms, possibility to rent the equipment
  • the ability to install applications and initial setup or custom training for free
  • designing more suitable IT solutions based on an analysis of your infrastructure
  • renting HW and SW components, demo products, spare devices during the complaint procedure
  • the warranty and post-warranty service at an accelerated complaint procedure
  • the stability and experience since 2008

We can recommend a suitable license program based on the size and possibilities of the organization.

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