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Cloud Solutions

Cloud solutions enable the use of IT resources – especially hardware and software – remotely and from anywhere via the Internet. All this without having to invest in new hardware or software and with lower operating costs.

Deploying modern cloud services gives companies a broad opportunity to optimize the cost of running IT services and increase their availability and security. There is high scalability based on the current needs of the organization. Another advantage is the predictability and planning of costs that move from the investment stage to the operational level. Online cloud technologies can be deployed slowly without the need to step out of existing on premise solutions.

We integrate and provide the advanced solutions and services working in the highly accessible cloud of Windows Azure, Office 365, and private cloud platforms through Hyper-V or VMware virtualization platforms.

Cloud solutions benefits:

The benefits of online solutions especially in the cost planning, ensuring growth and efficiency of work in business activities, and simplifying work of the IT department:

  • Scalability of the IT environment – IT infrastructure can immediately respond to the growth needs of the company.
  • Increasing work productivity – With the latest product releases, collaboration and team-based information sharing and application utilization are improved.
  • Lowering IT costs and therefore total operating costs are making possible for products to gain a competitive advantage.
  • Gone can be worries about purchasing, upgrading, and managing hardware components –  TCO costs come with zero initial investment.
  • Very fast service deployment.
  • High availability, confidentiality, integrity, and data security.



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