Cisco Umbrella

Cisco Umbrella

Keep your company data safe at all times

Cisco Umbrella security solutions eliminate threats before they reach your network and devices. It protects you from ransomware, phishing, botnets, as well as malicious sites, IP addresses and applications.

  • What is Cisco Umbrella

    A modern cloud security platform that intervenes at the front line of defense against cyber threats. It combines multiple security features into a single solution. Enables you to prevent attacks at the DNS and IP domain level. You can customize it. The solution is also useful, when your employees work from home.

    It uses real-time information and the results of historical event analysis, combining machine learning, statistical models and human intelligence. Therefore, it can respond to threats quickly and effectively, in all phases of an attack.

  • Flexible

    A range of functions. You can adapt the settings to your needs and requirements.


    Easy to use, clear web interface, deployment in 30 minutes.


    Protection at multiple levels, against common and advanced threats.

94% of threats stopped before attack

Who is Cisco Umbrella for?

chains with many branches

small and medium-sized businesses


companies that don't have cybersecurity specialist

Your Benefits with Cisco Umbrella

  • Attacks prevention. By operating at the DNS and IP domain level, it blocks malicious requests before they reach the network or endpoint device. Real-time monitoring of activity also enables faster discovery of infected devices.

  • Another layer of security. Protects against common and advanced threats, before, during and after an attack. Uses statistical models and machine learning to take action against known and emerging threat sources.

  • Protection of all endpoints. Even those not currently connected to the corporate network or those not using a VPN. Protect your employees whether they're sitting in the office, coffee shop or at home.

  • Cloud solution. The cloud ensures 100% availability, you don't need to buy hardware or regularly update software. Since 2006, Cisco Umbrella has reported 100% uptime.

  • 200 billion DNS requests

  • 100 billion users

  • more than 20,000 companies

Choose your Cisco Umbrella Package

DNS Security Essentials

  • The essential toolkit for blocking threats at the DNS layer level
  • Allows you to filter traffic and create custom lists to block malicious domains
  • You can monitor real-time activity or run reports to identify critical events

DNS Security Advantage

  • Adds IP-level protection to the features of the base package
  • Can block IP connections on C2 callbacks that bypass DNS
  • Allows you to block shadow IT, set up web filtering or protect users who are out of network

SIG Essentials

  • Comprehensive suite of security solutions includes a firewall
  • DNS layer security
  • Secure Web Gateway (SWG)
  • Cloud Access Security (CASB)
  • Advanced threat monitoring
  • More features in one package so you get better protection with less work for you

SIG Advantage

  • The highest level of protection for your company
  • You get data loss protection in addition to the features of previous packages
  • Unlimited sandboxing
  • Malware scanning in cloud file storage applications